A Revolta [the revolt]


Documentary (52'), Brazil, 2009
Directors: João Marcelo Gomes / Aly Muritiba
Music: Felipe Hickmann

The documentary carries out a historic account of the Squatter's Revolt (Revolta dos Posseiros), an agrarian conflict taking place in the southeast of Brazilian state of Paraná, in the late 1960s. In the course of the conflict, the population took over the main towns, dismissed the local authorities and assumed the government of the region.

Viola caipira (Brazilian "hillbilly guitar"), acoustic guitar and cello. The production demanded extensive research on the prevalent music styles at the time and place of the events. These references were adapted to fit the narrative demands of the film, often resorting to circular harmonies and phasing rhythmic patterns.

A Revolta by Felipe Hickmann

A REVOLTA - TRAILER from João Marcelo Gomes on Vimeo.