Disguises talks about distance and deceit. Two local musicians explore a map of musical cues and interactions whilst trying to reveal a number of secrets, remotely held by a mysterious bagpiper. This enigmatic character is never seen; his presence, however, assumes different traces and shapes as the bagpipes engender anonymous personal confessions collected in Internet forums. Disguises talks about deception, secrecy and illusion in a networked space where no one is who they appear to be.

Premiere at Franziska Schroeder's Showcase Concert 2011, in the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast/Northern Ireland.

Music by Felipe Hickmann

Franziska Schroeder (tenor saxophone)
Manuela Meier (accordion)
Matthew Welch (bagpipes played from Steinhardt School, NYU, New York)

Disguises from Felipe Hickmann on Vimeo.

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