Homeward Journeys

A performance developed by the Yoctobit Collective during Playlab, laboratorio de experimentación con videojuegos, Medialab Prado, Madrid, 4-7 February 2010.

Concept and direction: Lara Sánchez Coterón

Visuals, animation and video mapping: Adrian Cuervo
Script and gameplay: Nacho Pintos
Actress: Amaya Jiménez
Music and Sound Design: Felipe Hickmann


Homeward Journeys is a piece of playable theatre, a mixture of graphical adventure and interactive theatre. A multiplayer "gameformance" where the avatar is an actress. The audience assumes the active role of a player, guiding and helping the character to reach a given goal, and thus allowing for an investigation of adaptive and dynamic game systems and collective forms of gameplay.

The main reference was the contemporary idea of postcapitalist roles and mechanics. Combined with the given setting of an office, the first sketches involved free instrumental improvisation over mechanical sounds, such as printers and typewriters. It was later identified that the temporal framing of the performance asked for a faster and busier tone. The music development also seeks to underline the "against-the-clock" type of gameplay, urging the players into action as their time runs out.

Homeward Journeys by Felipe Hickmann