Paulista uses both fixed and mobile streaming technology to construct a translocal musical and sonic performance linking SARC (Belfast), LAMI (São Paulo) and Paulista Avenue, in the heart of São Paulo’s financial district. The avenue is home to a live webcam, which broadcasts a continuous video stream into an Internet portal. Under the sight of the live camera, a performer engages into a sonic exploration of the area in a set of choreographed actions that are part of an audiovisual composition – including video footage from the avenue and a trio of musicians on a live stage.

Premiere on 6th June 2011, at a network concert between QUB/Belfast and USP/São Paulo.

Music by Felipe Hickmann and Rui Chaves

Franziska Schroeder (soprano saxophone)
Joe Scarffe (bassoon)
Robert Casey (piano)
Rui Chaves (live soundwalk at Avenida Paulista)

Paulista from Felipe Hickmann on Vimeo.