A man, a Mark, Amen

A man, a Mark, Amen builds network interplays over the common story of a man, a guy, and a girl. Who are they? Why such an unbearable state of not belonging? Why do they feel so… dislocated?
Three ensembles in networked concert halls join together to explore territories of presence and absence, interaction and solitude. While, behind some remote curtain, a morbid, mischievous, marvellous madman tries and tries to make amends…

Premiere at NetPlay, a network music event in the program of Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music 2010.

Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast/Northern Ireland
            Chris Brown (piano)
            Franziska Schroeder (tenor saxophone)
            Gascia Ouzounian (violin)

Hamburg Hochschule für Musik , Hamburg/Germany
            Meggy Tucker (soprano)
            Audrey Bashore (alto)
            R.S. (baritone)

Institut für Elektronische Musik und Akustik, Graz/Austria
            Christian Pollheimer (marimba)
            Clemens Frühstück (soprano saxophone)
            Andrea Molnár (cello)

Music by Felipe Hickmann

Text by Caetano Galindo

A man, a Mark, Amen from Felipe Hickmann on Vimeo.