Global Game Jam 2016

29-31 January 2016, SAE Institute, London.

Mitchell Johnson - Programmer
Naz Ekin Yilmaz - Programmer
Greta Healy - Artist
Thomas Lindsay - Artist
Felipe Hickmann - Audio/Composer
Krishan Coupland - Level Designer

A New Fire is a game prototype developed at London's Global Game Jam 2016. It was created over a weekend, based on the jam's secret theme - "ritual".

The game is inspired by Aztec themes, concept and setting. The player must light several braziers spread across a 2D map before the end of the night. If sunlight reaches any unlit braziers, Tzitzimitl - a goddess of the stars in Aztec mythology - flies in to capture and punish the player.

Music and sound are loosely based on materials associated with the music of pre-Hispanic America. Samples to be published soon.