Hello and welcome to my portfolio. Here you will find a few samples of my production in music and sound design over the years. I struggle a bit to keep things up to date, but this should work as an overview of what I've been up to. Any feedback is very welcome - either in the comments section below each work, or by email at

The text below is a summary of my trajectory as a musician, and is formatted for use in concert programmes - I apologise for the ever-awkward use of the third person!


Felipe Hickmann is a composer and pianist born in Foz do Iguaçu / Brazil. He holds a multidisciplinary background, ranging from contemporary and popular music to film and video games. Felipe has recently received a PhD in Music Composition from SARC - Sonic Arts Research Centre, in Belfast / Northern Ireland, and also has a BA in Music Production and a MPhil in Music Theory and Composition, both awarded by Federal University of Paraná, in Curitiba / Brazil. His doctoral work investigated matters of presence and liveness in network music performance.

Felipe has produced music and sound design for a number of multimedia and audiovisual works in Brazil and the UK. He worked for two years at Hoplon Infotainment in the production of the MMOG video game Taikodom, and is currently a member of the yoctobit collective, a group of artists based in Madrid and actively engaged in the production of game-based theatre and performance. For three years, he was also responsible for the delivery of the Sound Design module of Queen's University Belfast undergraduate course in Music Technology.

As a former member of FATO group, an important reference in the Brazilian independent music scene, Felipe has taken part in two full concert productions and participated in major festivals throughout the country. He is also author and director of the song cycle Menino dos Cataventos, performed between 2007 and 2009 by chamber ensemble Pianoforte Quintet with wide critical acclaim.

Throughout his term at SARC, Felipe was involved in several world-spanning concerts and productions, having his music played in venues in Brazil, Spain, Germany, Austria, USA and the United Kingdom. His interest in network performance led to the engagement of musicians and audiences in cases of vigorous long-distance interaction, often resorting to game-based mechanics and exploring the poetic strength of concepts such as presence, deceit and secrecy.